Federal Reserve Board Linked Data

This site contains FRB (Federal Reserve Board) data published using the Linked Data design principles. Linked SDMX Data provides an in-depth documentation about RDF data modeling, transformations, and publishing of this site. See also: BFS, FAO, ECB, OECD, IMF, and UIS Linked Dataspaces created in a similar fashion.

This is a third-party effort and is not affiliated with or endorsed by FRB.

This dataset is interlinked with World Bank, ECB, OECD, UIS Linked Dataspaces, as well as DBpedia and NASA.

There is a VoID file which you can use to discover the datasets and data dumps. The SPARQL Endpoint allows SPARQL 1.1 Queries.

The FRB Linked Dataspace was created by Sarven Capadisli.

DERI, NUI Galway graciously offered to host this service on their servers.

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  • Last updated on 2014-04-23.